100 tips to prevent typographical blunders [E-Book PDF]


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During my internship at Studio Piet Gerards, I discovered that Piet and his designers practise a different profession than the one I learned during my years at the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem. The good thing is, Piet told me, I can learn his profession because it’s build from rules. A lot of rules.
During my internship, I tried to collect as many rules as I could, the best ones can be found in this book. This book is a cheeky response to the book 10 veelvoorkomende
blunders bij de boekproductie by Jan Tschichold (published by HUIS CLOS) that Piet gave me as a present during the internship. The book is like a symbol for my internship
because I made a lot of blunders.

Text and design – Jolijn Ceelen
Font – Adobe Caslon Pro
Publisher – GDA Editions
Thanks to – Studio Piet Gerards,
Thomas Castro & Susana Carvalho

Uitgever: Graphic Design, ArtEZ
Geschreven door Jolijn Ceelen
104 pages in PDF
100 tips


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